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When will the next update come out?

I don't see chapter 1-2 up there are they not availabl?

Anal sex?

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will the chapters 4- 6 will have its public release? :)

No, sorry, they won't.

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Any walkthrough for this game? When i ask Zoe to park somewhere quite she always say lets talk at the station no matter what i do

There is a game guide, but while it is still under development it is only available on Patreon.


any femdom in this game and character name, please?


Miranda or Ada in ch 6. Nothing crazy. just light things

any walkthrough available?  or maybe add points system

I played some of the game and accidentally deleted my save file.

I wanna start again but is the game done?

I see 5 chapters, is that the end? If not I wait for the full game.


No, not yet. The sixth chapter is coming out in the next few days.

Okay, thanks for the heads up


Come on! How is this game not at the very top list of adult games to play? This is so good and has a great story line to follow. To the devs. great job! Looking forward to the updates. Like your style


Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked the game!


Well deserved. I do not like starting games all over, it takes away the anticipation for me. But I just replayed to the fifth update on 'Going Rogue' and it was as good as the first time. I really hope you get the base you need to keep the game alive. Best of luck to you!


I can't get Grace romance starting with main character. Was it taken out of the game?
Been a while since I played this, could not find where I bought the game and what login did I use back then. I hoped you have finished the game meanwhile and look you up cause it had good story and your choices easy lead to you cover blown and get shot by Benjamin. Did you remove this ending for now along with some lines about how well Grace takes care of you asked by Benjamin? I remember that and also saw it in Galley but never met with Benjamin after his job offer.

I love the animations, quality and more view points - at least 2 so it is a bit for most of the tastes. I hope you continue soon and finish the game. Much obliged.

I hooked up with Grace, so still available.

How do I get to play the storyline with Zoe?

Stay away from her until release number five. Then you have the option again and take it.

Is there a way to update my purchase from earlier?  I paid $5 for chapter 3 but now it says I need to have a minimum payment of $10 for chapter 4.  I would prefer to send an additional $5 but it is asking me to pay the full $10 now for this chapter.

Yes, of course. I wrote about this problem in a post -

There are my discord contacts and what I would need to send you the last chapter.

Deleted 39 days ago

No, the username is correct. I tried to find you, but could not. When adding to friends says that only you can add to your friends. Try another way, join the discord server of the game and there I am in the list of participants.


Is there away to avoid punching James? Or are the blocked choices just there to ask questions?


Was very confused when the other James appeared. Started again, now as Jack... ...Not again. Hahaha

I don't like when i'm seeing things that the MC its not seeing or being told about. If i'm playing as the MC i want to know the same as him. 

I though the Captain would be more aggresive/dominating after the first "event". Doubt (this soon) doesn't look good on her. But i guess i read her character wrong.

I dont really know about how police work is done but i don't think it's like this. But it's easy to accept it for the sake of the story.

Everything else is great, good job.

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you liked the game. I will take your points into consideration

Does anyone know the name of the song that plays when Grace is checking the mc's wound?




why zoe always kill me

Hey KerVN,

is Ch.2 included in the Ch.3 download/exe or should i download ch2, play it and then download ch.3?

Hi, included.

Awesome, thanks for the quick answer! :)

No problem:) Hope you enjoy the game!

Hey did you delete the pay version?


Hi. Yes, chapter one is completely free. Chapter 2 is only available to Patrons for now, it will be posted here for $5 starting on 09/11.


So... The story is 100% free? No blocked choice?

Name Going Rogue Ch.1
Note Very Good
Completeness* B
General impression 7/10
Graphic, renders 8/10
Attractive female characters 8 /10
Interesting & realistic plot: 9 /10
Large number of decisions: 8 /10
Meaningful choices, separate story lines 4 /10
MC Character Building 7 /10
Relations building 8 /10
No sandbox, no puzzles, no mini-games 10 /10
Preferable content** 9 /10
*Completness: F - Finished; P - Partially Finished (a lot of content); U - unfinished; B - Beginning; A - Abandoned
** Preferable content: POV, romance, friendship, helping, kissing, petting, fingering, cunnulingus, fellatio, classical sex, maledom, swallowing, anal, bondage, heterosexual, FFM, lesbian
 Disgusting/unwanted content: incest, non-human (e.g. elves, monsters), gay, futa, trans, gore, rape, femdom, pregnancy, cuckold, NTR
Look up my VNs ranking on

Thank you!:)


Can you explain to me the two different versions of the game included in the windows version? I am talking about the differences between going rogue and going rogue-32.



Hey! I think its for 32 bit systems but not sure. No difference in term of gameplay 100%


Cheers for the reply man I appreciate it can’t wait to hop in and play the screenshots look fantastic keep it up.


...I was sold until "blocked choices"...


In the introduction i found.
when you talk to Miranda one of the choices is

[How can i "can" convince you?]  
need to delete the second "can"  

Thank you! Will be fixed in the next update.


The first VN with blocked choice ...... Weird.


blocked choices?.....Ea making VN now?


Hi m8

Honestly, only  a handful of creators caught my attention and you are between them. Don't get discouraged, because its a long way run. Your work its superb and I really love your renders and above this the quality of renders. Keep up the good work and don’t become just another casual creator. I just cancelled my patreon payments to ..DIK and I am checking for new creator, so who knows what future can bring... Best of luck with your project

Thanks for the kind words :)

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Story choices behind paywall is a very bad idea in a VN.

I doubt you'll win new patrons like that.


I don't know, time will tell. As I see it, it's normal when 95% of the content is given away for free, and 5% is left to thank those who support the development.

Anyway, thanks for your feedback!


95% of what exactly ?

You have no game to sell, all you have is a short demo and promises.